Mining: It’s for Everyone

Everything that is consumed, processed or manufactured in our society initially comes from the ground. Mined materials are critical to the everyday lives of virtually every human on the planet. Necessities such as food, clothing and housing to ‘niceties’ such as electronics, jewelry and automobiles are all reliant upon mined materials. This conference will address the opportunities and challenges faced by the mining industry, best practices, and education of the public.

The 32nd Annual Florida SME Regional Mining Conference will be a unique opportunity for mining, chemical processing, reclamation and environmental experts from around the world to exchange technical information and ideas. The program will cover: Geology; Exploration & Mine Planning; Mining; Analytical Evaluation & Regulatory Rulemaking; Mineral Processing; Environmental Health & Safety; Chemical Processing; Reclamation; and Innovations in Technology.

The Florida SME Regional Mining Conference (FLSME Conference)

The FLSME Conference is the largest conference in the Southeast relating to all industries involved in mining and mining-related services. Boasting an international audience, this conference is a great venue for networking, sharing ideas and gaining insight through excellent technical sessions and exhibitor demonstrations.

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         Englewood, CO 80012
  •   303.948.4200
  • cs@smenet.org

About The Florida Section

Established in 1949 the Florida Section of the Society for Mining Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc. (SME) is a legally constituted unit of SME. The SME FL Section helps to enhance the professional development of their members and provide local service to the public.

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