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Exciting Things are Happening at the 32nd Annual Florida SME Regional Mining Conference


During the two -day 32nd Annual Florida SME Regional Mining Conference, you will be able to enjoy informative technical sessions, access to an exhibit hall with over 80 exhibit spaces and network with professionals in the local industry at luncheons and receptions.

Before the conference starts join us on Tuesday, October 10th you will have the opportunity to visit the Streamsong Resort. This reclamation project developed by The Mosaic Company is a new resort concept that helps support the local economy and protects the land and water; or spend the day on the golf course for the 11th Annual Golf Extravaganza at The Club at Eaglebrook.

  •   12999 E Adam Aircraft Cir
         Englewood, CO 80012
  •   303.948.4200

About The Florida Section

Established in 1949 the Florida Section of the Society for Mining Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc. (SME) is a legally constituted unit of SME. The SME FL Section helps to enhance the professional development of their members and provide local service to the public.

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